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Idaho medical marijuana petition

Thank you for visiting Idaho Medical Marijuana Association (IMMA). Please take a moment and sign our guest book to let us know why you stopped by or tell us your patient story.  Maybe share why you want medical marijuana legalized in Idaho.


Patients in Idaho suffer due to unjust laws that deny them cannabis treatments. Please take a moment to learn about the real victims in Idaho's war on cannabis. Are you an Idaho patient and want to share your story please sign our guest book and tell us about yourself and your story?

Idaho Medical Marijuana Association

Help change Idaho's marijuana laws. For our patients sake.

Please give if you can.

Medical Marijuana Petition For Legalization in Idaho


  • Medical Marijuana Petition for legalization in Idaho.
  • Patient support for those being denied medical treatment with cannabis in Idaho

Get Medical Marijuana On The 2018 Idaho Ballot

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Idaho Medical Marijuana Association is a grassroots community organization that is made up of volunteers from all across Idaho.

We actively network with citizens, politicians, businesses, and professionals all across the state and work closely with national and international cannabis reform organizations to bring the best information to Idaho's citizens.

If you want medical marijuana legalized for Idaho patients please get involved today.
This is so important for so many.